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Improving Our Industry Intelligence, Research, and Stats Efforts

PeopleForBikes is answering the key questions that will shape the future of bicycling: Who rides bikes? How does better infrastructure help? What are the trends that influence the key bike business?

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Americans make more than four billion bike trips every year (and that doesn’t even count all recreational rides, particularly those that are ridden on dirt). These rides start and finish at unique locations, follow an infinite number of routes, and most never get recorded or counted.

Mindful of this, PeopleForBikes coordinates an every-other-year study of U.S. bicycling participation: we’ve conducted this three times. We also survey our individual supporters to learn about their riding habits and what they think about safety, equipment and participating in bike events.

We ask U.S. city staffers to complete a City Snapshot that summarizes their bike infrastructure--currently in place and planned for the near future. We ask individual bike riders to rate the quality of bike riding experiences in their hometowns by completing our Community Survey. Both of these interactive tools have benefited from record numbers of responses in 2019. We've also expanded our Bicycle Network Analysis scoring to major Canadian cities.

Expanding our measurement efforts is crucial in securing additional support for bicycling from government partners at all levels.

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