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Maximizing Pro-Bike Funding and Policies

PeopleForBikes helped engineer increased support to make bicycling better (measured in dollars invested and policies approved) from all levels of government.

Stylized view of the US Capitol building with streaking lights

The professional work of the PeopleForBikes Business Network team and our D.C. -based government relations staffers and advisors was a key factor in keeping federal bike money flowing. PFB also recently launched a broad-based Federal Bike Infrastructure Coalition that is focused on maximizing government support for bicycling in the next multi-year federal transportation bill that is slated for 2020. Our high-profile 2019 Washington events included three successful bike industry fly-ins (meetings with members of Congress) and a Congressional Bike Fest that attracted more than 600 participants. We played a central role in encouraging The U.S. Department of the Interior to adopt a new positive stance on e-bike use in National Parks, National Wildlife Areas and BLM land.

We monitored more than 20,000 state legislative bills, and we closely tracked 277 bills that focused on bicycle use, bike infrastructure and access. Finally, PFB coordinated much of the lobbying and industry exemption testimony and applications related to newly imposed tariffs on bicycles and bike products made in China. We presented a strong, professional summary of the many ways that additional tariffs hurt bike businesses and bike customers.

PeopleForBikes successfully activated our large, influential nationwide group of grassroots supporters all year. We emailed more than four million calls-to-action on nearly 100 bicycling challenges and opportunities that ultimately influenced elected officials.

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D.C. Brewery Tour- Four Breweries, 15 miles of fun!

Google Map of DC Brewery Tour Route

Make your ride all about the destination. D.C. is quickly becoming a craft brewery mecca; why not tour them by bike? There are so many great breweries throughout D.C., it’s hard to get to them all. This route hits a few of the best.