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Introducing Ride Spot, Our Program to Help Every Bike Rider

PeopleForBikes is working to provide people with the information they need to discover and enjoy great bike rides and bike events wherever they live and every place they visit.

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Too many people buy bikes, begin riding, but then immediately stop and don’t start again. Why? Many don’t have positive first-time experiences--often because they picked busy roads packed with cars and trucks that make cycling more stressful and less enjoyable (even when great riding options were nearby). Others battle basic bike equipment challenges such as under-inflated tires, uncomfortable saddles or a helmet that doesn’t fit. Too many people don’t know where to turn for guidance on where to ride or how to properly prepare. Ride Spot is a contemporary solution that delivers what new bike riders want and need.

In 2019, we:

  • Mapped and shared more than 130,000 bike routes
  • Developed more than 10,000 New PeopleForBikes Supporters
  • Engaged nearly 1,000 bicycle retailers as Ride Spot Partners
  • Partnered with Silicon Valley tech corporations looking to increase bike riding by employees (both commuting and recreational)
  • Were recognized as a top technology innovation project by Fast Company in its prestigious annual awards
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PFB to Diaz Tacos!

Google Map of Boulder Route

At PeopleForBikes there are two things we crave: fun bike adventures and tacos. So when our graphic designer, Alex "Butters" Butterbrodt, learned of a nearby food truck that serves highly acclaimed tacos, it wasn’t long before we scheduled an afternoon Tuesday ride to get a taste for ourselves.